Measuring Usability
Quantitative Usability, Statistics & Six Sigma by Jeff Sauro

Who is Measuring Usability?

Founded in 2004, Measuring Usability has spent the last 10 years helping Fortune 500 companies answer questions about their software, websites, and mobile applications.

Measuring Usability LLC is a quantitative research firm based in Denver, Colorado USA focusing on the statistical analysis of human behavior and quantifying the user experience. Since 2004 we've been helping clients answer questions such as:

  • How usable is an application?
  • What is the probability a user will purchase a product?
  • How large of a sample size do we need?
  • Which design is preferred?
  • Which design has a statistically higher conversion rate?
  • How long will it take users to complete tasks?

Measuring Usability LLC provides more than intuition and qualitative insights about products and designs. We provide meaning through measurement.

Our People

Jeff Sauro

Founding Principal

Jeff is a Six-Sigma trained statistical analyst and pioneer in quantifying the user experience. He specializes in making statistical concepts understandable and actionable. Jeff has published over fifteen peer-reviewed research articles and presents tutorials and papers regularly at the leading Human Computer Interaction conferences: CHI, UPA and HCII and HFES. He has worked for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Intuit and General Electric.

He received his Masters in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford University with a concentration in statistical concepts. Prior to Stanford, he received his B.S. in Information Management & Technology and BS in Television, Radio and Film from Syracuse University. While at Syracuse he completed a two-year thesis study on web-usability.

Susanna Rogers

Analysis & Facilitation

Parker Malenke

Research & Design

David Luten

Facilitation & Recruiting

Jen Shepherd, Ph.D.

Facilitation & Analysis

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